Grill Guys inc.

Known in SWFL as the experts in grilling knowledge and custom outdoor grill setups. The Grill Guys inc. are leading the industry in top brand and American Made grills and grilling accessories.

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Tim Poling has 20 years in the business and started delivering fuel for A-1 gas, then moved into their service department. Tim works on all propane products, fryers, stove, water heaters, pool heaters, fireplaces, gas leaks, and installs all types of grills. Tim has also taken countless hours of re-education courses to upgrade his skills.

George Corzine has 27 years in the business community. George has spent 5 years at Ferrellgas as a service tech. George has furthered his education in propane licensing. George’s part of the job is educating customers on the proper use and maintenance on grills.

Grill Guys inc. are always looking for new meal ideas for cooking on the grill. They know that the right accessories can turn your grill into the ultimate entertaining appliance. Grill Guys inc. also ensures customer satisfaction when comes to cleaning your grill.

Grill Guys inc. sells grills that will be the last grill you will ever buy. “You know this is more of a personalized business — a mom and pop store, and I think that’s what the customer wants these days.” — more so than going to a big box store.

Our customer’s are looking for more bang for their money these days, as we are offering a wide variety of products that fit that need. Grill Guys inc. has completed all the research for you by offering a great selection of grills to suit your budget. Plus, we carry a full line of unique and practical Accessories and Replacement Parts.